Business Email’s Subject Lines & How to Improve them

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Recent studies suggest that 69% of recipients do not open an email because of the subject line (Invesp,2021). The mails reach directly to the trash or spam. On the other hand, other studies reveal that 33% of recipients open emails because of catchy subject lines (Optinmonster,2020).

Subject lines dictate the impact of your email, and improving their quality will ensure your success. Let’s discuss a few key elements that will boost your email marketing campaigns through improved subject lines.


What Is The Subject Line of A Business Email?

Business Email Subject Line

The subject line comes right after the recipient’s section. Likewise, the subject that accompanies a business mail is better known as the subject of a business email.

The subject generally summarizes the purpose of the email. This tells your recipient what your email is about in a single line.

If mails were books, subject lines would be a table of contents.

Business emails are sent for all kinds of reasons varying from sales, products, discounts, feedback, collaboration, management, suggestion, invitation, offers, marketing, and much more.

It’s important to optimize the subject lines according to the purpose of the email to maximize engagement.

Examples of the Subject Line of A Business Email

The subject line needs to vary depending on the business. Not all business emails should have the same subject line. Choose the language and tone that best fits the business purpose.

Here are some examples of subject lines of business emails.

When writing a subject line for business collaboration, avoid cliches like ‘We Would Like To Collaborate with your Company’; instead, write ‘Interested in Collaboration?’ in the subject line. The latter statement will attract the receiver.

As far as a sales email is concerned, instead of writing ‘We would like to inform you about the update of a new product,’ you could write ‘Update on new products.’

Likewise, instead of writing ‘We are offering you to enjoy a 40% discount on new arrivals’, mention ‘Enjoy a 40% discount on new arrivals. Remember, keep your email subjects short and nifty to attract readership.

How Long Should The Subject Line of A Business Email Be?

According to a recent study, the subject lines of emails with 6 to 9 words had the highest open rate, at 21% (Invesp,2021). Even a scholar suggests subject lines have anywhere between 9 and 60 characters. (Mailchimp, 2021) It is wise to follow the results of these surveys. Keep it short and crisp.

For example, instead of writing, ‘We would like to invite you for an interview at Nautilus Mail’-this as a subject mail, write ‘Invitation for Interview at Nautilus Mail.’ It is far better than the previous one and is catchy enough to attract the receiver.

Subject Line length

Why Is The Subject Line of A Business Email Important?

According to a survey, 33.90% of email recipients choose to open an email based on the subject line. (SuperOffice,2021). They reject the email if the subject line does not instantly grab their attention.

Our mail inboxes are filled with thousands of unread emails that we receive daily. If your subject line is not great and does not stand out, the chances of your mail being opened are pretty thin.

Subjects laced with a sense of urgency and exclusivity increase the response rate of your emails. No matter how great the contents of an email are, it is not good when left unopened. Having said that, producing superb subject lines is imperative in determining the success of a business email.


Tips For Improving Subject Lines of Business Emails

Keep The Subject Line Short

Write the exact point in the subject line precisely. Writing anything irrelevant to the subject may distract your readers.

Example: “Interested in Partnership?”

Include Valuable Content in The Subject Line

As the email is for business-related issues, include valuable content in the subject line to attract readers.

Example: “Get $15 off on orders of $25 or more”

Be Creative in The Subject Line

Avoid using common words in the subject line. Practice creativity and use interesting keywords (relevant to your topic) to attract the readers.

Example: Suppose you have an inquiry regarding your employee’s PowerPoint deadline. You can write this “Inquiring about PowerPoint’s Deadline” Instead of “I Would like to inquire about the deadline of your PowerPoint.”

Add A Deadline If There Is Any

If there is any deadline, then mention it in the subject line. This action will remind the readers about the deadline, and they will immediately respond to the mail.

Avoid All Things Disrespectful In The Subject Line

Avoid impolite words in the subject line even when writing a complaint mail. Rather explain the issue in the body paragraph but do not mention it in the subject line, as we know disrespectful words can destroy relationships.

Example: Suppose you have had to experience a faulty order from a supplier. It’s best to follow a protocol, as these problems can be solved with grace. Instead of raging and writing something like “Where is my Refund?”, mention “Missing Items in Order” followed by order numbers provided by the supplier. This makes your purpose completely clear. You can then mention the details of the discrepancy in your email’s body.

Mention Company’s Name in The Subject Line

Subject lines mentioning a company’s name bring up an email’s open rate to 23%. (Statista, 2020). If you are looking for ways to rev up your open and response rate, that of your business emails, it suffices to say that you should definitely pick up this practice.

Example: “Lineware Invites Your For An Interview for ‘Assistant Manager’ Post

Helpful Tips

Things To Avoid While Writing A Business Email

  • Avoid slangs
  • Not selecting The Proper Recipient Option
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and typos
  • Not maintaining a formal tone
  • Using an Unsuitable Tone of Voice
  • Not Addressing the point
  • Adding unannounced attachments

End Note

Subject lines play an important role when it comes to business emails. So, be careful while writing subject lines for a business email. Check out all the examples of business email’s subject lines and write them effectively.

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