Watch Out For These Incredible Email Marketing Trends in 2023

Sending email to many users

It’s difficult to think of a future without email. Email will likely rank among the most popular forms of communication around the world by 2023 when over four billion people are expected to have at least one email account.

It would only seem logical for marketing teams to make the most of the large user base by sending their communications directly to the mailbox of the target audience.

Although the majority of companies employ some form of email marketing strategy, clients nowadays are often savvy and can immediately identify each tactic that many email marketers do.
You should modify your email marketing strategy when new trends in technologies, standards, and fashions emerge. They should be prepared for these trends and changes in how people access and utilize the internet.


Personalization is one of the key advantages of email marketing. It is the opportunity to customize your message and provide the impression of a one-on-one discussion.

Personalizing your email marketing campaigns might appear as adding contact data points to your message to engage with your connections in an even more suitable way, but it can also appear as communicating with them at the most appropriate moment for them.

It will become increasingly crucial in the future to use email marketing automation to advance your personalization.
Any advertising email for a business in which they have never indicated interest is no longer desired from your contact.
Since technology has advanced, your old email marketing strategy may now breathe new life.

Technology has advanced, and email marketing automation may give your outdated email marketing strategy new life so you can interact more personally with your contacts.

Utilize website traffic and hyperlink-clicking analytics to discover further about your audiences as they interact with your emails.


AB Testing is a different email marketing strategy technique to adopt in the future.

In the realm of email marketing, there is a maxim that goes, TESTING BEFORE SENDING.

When you offer your email list the chance to speak with you, they will really tell you precisely what they expect from you and how you should interact with them. An information email approach will position you for more demographic insights and engagements in 2023 than an email marketing plan based on speculation.

AB Testing on red background

Aim For Smartphones

Emphasis on smartphones is the third trend we’ve identified for an email in 2023. Users open two-thirds of emails on mobile devices according to a google survey.

More individuals are using these tools to go through their inboxes and decide which messages are worthwhile.

You must make sure that your emails display and work properly on mobile devices as a result of the move to mobile. Your emails should be responsively designed to adjust to the subscriber’s device.

Always keep in mind the mobile user while designing your emails, so consumers don’t have to continually browse through your email. Keep your emails clutter-free and be careful with how much material you provide.

Make sure you provide subscribers with a great mobile experience if you want your emails to remain relevant in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

The integration of artificial intelligence is the subsequent trend on the list of email marketing trends for 2023.

AI keeps expanding its influence in marketing and assisting marketers in making wiser selections. AI will play a significant role in email marketing in the future, assisting you in providing your subscribers with better experiences.

AI can assist you in analyzing many data points and obtaining insightful data that will help you create effective email marketing campaigns. AI can assist marketers in making sense of their data when the data that is accessible to them changes as a result of privacy modifications.


You may use this technology to analyze consumer behavior patterns to learn more about how your customers engage with your emails and what they need from you.

With the use of AI marketing, you may better understand your audience’s trends and changes so that you can plan your marketing more effectively. Automation is a significant factor in email trends for 2023. You will be able to construct more specialized and customized email campaigns with the aid of this technology.

Don’t Prioritize Open Rates

The way email marketers monitor the success of campaigns has changed in response to many security developments over the past year. Businesses will continue to adjust in 2023, and data protection will take on even more importance.

One of the biggest improvements was brought about by Apple’s introduction of new privacy policies that barred advertisers from gathering data from Apple users such as:

  • Users who open emails
  • Where email users open them
  • The device that a person uses to open emails
  • Occurrences on the email-opening device

In essence, the modification made the open rate a lot less trustworthy of a measure.

In 2023, indicators like clicks and click-through rates will be even more helpful due to the declining relevance of Email open rates as a measure.

This emphasizes the significance of having calls to action in emails, such as reviewing a blog article on your webpage, accessing a file, or booking a consultation or call.

Incorporate Interactivity

Sending flat emails won’t do your subscribers any favors. Keep your emails interesting if you wish users to respond to them. Among the top email trends for 2023 that will help you boost the effectiveness of your emails is interaction.

Incorporate Interactivity

Allows users to interact with engaging email features without leaving their inbox or visiting another page. These components consist of:

  • Playable videos
  • Subscribers may swipe across picture displays.
  • Users can alter sliders.
  • Able to play games

Interactive components enhance the allure of your emails and urge recipients to interact with subsequent ones. It’s a fantastic method to distinguish yourself from others.

Growing attention through storytelling

You need a strong narrative to maximize the interaction in your emails and the effectiveness of your email marketing overall. Storytelling will be even more crucial in the upcoming year as consumers seek connections with the companies they use to make purchases.

Today’s clients want to understand who they’re purchasing and what those companies believe in. Share your company’s backstory and exhibit your target segment in your mailing lists to satisfy this desire.

By sharing occasions and tales from your workplace and team, try to give people an inside view of your business.

Growing attention through storytelling

Go beyond telling stories that are exclusively about your company. You may disseminate information about your brand, including news, publications, podcasts, quotations, and more.

You may improve engagement and develop relationships with your readers by including compelling narratives in your emails, which will motivate them to become devoted customers and brand evangelists.

Play Around With Emoticons

Studies show that emoticons in posts on Facebook boost the amount of engagement. Emojis in tweets can boost engagement by 25 percent. They are not only amusing drawings.

According to statistics, brands that have been employing them have witnessed a 50% rise in their open rates.

Emojis may be used to make your material, like the subject lines, interesting and compelling.

For instance, it could encourage them to react more quickly and emphatically to a teary-eyed emoji than to a cheerful one.

The holiday season is coming up, so make great use of emojis to amp up your sales this year!


Deliver Trigger Emails

These emails are also referred to as transactional emails and behavioral emails. When a person exhibits certain conduct, they are immediately thrown away.

Simply said, trigger messages are sent immediately following a potential customer’s activity.

Compared to conventional bulk emails, they have click-through rates that are quite higher, respectively. So, following a transaction or login, send a follow-up email, a greeting email, or an evaluation inquiry email.

It demonstrates your involvement in their relationship with your business and gives your customers a sense of comfort and contentment.

Use frequency restrictions and strive to be as pertinent as you can. Consolidate the procedure by including social sharing icons. Before sending out your emails, give them a once-over. All of these things can help your upcoming campaign succeed.


For your email marketing plan to remain relevant and successful in 2023,

Get help from Nautilus‘s professionals if you’re having trouble staying on top of current developments.

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