Email Marketing For Insurance Agents to Grow Sales

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Email marketing is the most effective marketing technique for insurance agents. Insurance agents who are not using the potential of email are losing out on profits. Email is straightforward and efficient.

Email continually ranks as the most successful marketing medium, despite the growth of other channels such as social media, webcasts, and digital marketing.

In this blog, we want to support insurance agents in creating and implementing a marketing strategy to increase their sales.

Advantages of Email Marketing for Insurance Agents

Email marketing campaigns can be helpful for you as an insurance agent in several ways. They can help grow the number of followers on your pages on social media, maintain your brand’s prominence in the minds of your clients, and even help turn those leads into prospective clients.

After a contract, email campaigns can stay in touch with clients as they frequently require notifications whenever something essential regarding their purchases is happening, like annual renewal letters. Email offers the agent options for cross- and up-selling, among other advantages.

Strategies and Plans for Email marketing for Insurance Agents

Stick to a proper plan and set of strategies that you will apply to your email marketing as an Insurance agent. And that will let you further grow in business and make things a lot easier to start the campaign. For that, first, you have to:

  • Bring your clients back
  • Boost your client’s engagement
  • Establish personal connections with clients
  • Make a good booking and appointment system
  • Make a client subscriber list

Following some strategies of email marketing for insurance agents to grow sales.

1. Send Welcome emails from your side

Customers are accustomed to receiving labeled emails that include branding and advertising messages issued from companies. Send occasional email campaigns from your side, not your company, to stand out in inboxes. Use merging fields in the software to personalize location, preferences, and so forth, to address them personally, and swap out the photo and marketing-loaded emails for plain text.

Example Of Welcome Email

2. Keep follow-up of email campaigns

Your prospects or clients will receive follow-up emails at regular intervals. Most of these emails contain advice and details regarding the services the customer signed up for. Because many people don’t have anybody else to come to with insurance-related queries, guidance on insurance is an excellent follow-up. Insurance agents mostly used follow-up emails to turn prospective clients into paying clients.

 3. Wish your subscribers their birthday

Birthday email campaigns are a creative and effective way to connect. Making an email just for your client’s birthday or anniversary is an easy way to accomplish this. They won’t have anticipated this from you. Therefore, it will immediately cause them to think of you during their special day.

Example mail of  Wishing your subscribers

4. Post-purchase conditions and feedback emails

Don’t disregard that email once someone has purchased insurance since you still require a reference from them for renewal in upcoming years.

So keep in touch with them following the sale.

Your mail can be a gesture of gratitude or joy, advice on what to do next or,
who to call if they have any issues.

Also, try to acquire your client’s feedback regarding your service. It will help you improve those areas for further growth.

 5. New Service Related Information

You can establish a connection with your clients and demonstrate that you have created a service that addresses their needs and can help them with their difficulties.

These elements ought to be present in this email:

A clear idea of the newly launched service and products, how it may help your clients, demonstration of how to use it – all of these encourage your consumers to test and rip the
benefits of the respective services.

6. Email campaigns for events and holiday greetings

Email campaigns are a fantastic way to advertise your company’s upcoming events. You can use them to promote everything, such as a big sale or a local event your client could find helpful. Attendance at your events is a wonderful indicator of your customers’ interests and potential needs.

Email marketing is excellent for keeping in touch with your customers over the holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, Ramadan, or Easter, you can get in touch with them to greet them with a wonderful holiday.

7. Email notification campaigns

Notification or reminder email marketing is used to remind your clients of things like annual renewals or impending medical insurance quotes they must keep hold of. Additionally, they are employed when a client has an unpaid amount.

Email notification

8. React swiftly, but not too swiftly

Within a few seconds, automation software can answer a contact request. However, a bot would act in that way. If a person reacted in 5 or 10 minutes, that would be termed quick.

One can specify a timer function and automation solutions so that your automatic response will be sent after a reasonable amount of time. The response should be written as though you were typing it like, “Hey Kevin, appreciate your message! Just wanted to tell you that I received your message and will be in touch shortly. The customer will be pleased by how frequently you read emails, and you’ve given yourselves extra time to reach out or react thoroughly.


Since you have a good amount of helpful suggestions for emails to send, let’s check the best way to do it.

You will require an email service provider to send emails, keep mailing lists, and automate many of your actions, such as generating greeting emails.

However, while also being reasonably priced, simple to use, and scalable as your organization expands.

Check out Nautilus Mail and begin testing some of these emails for further knowledge.

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